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Marketing for Neobanks: Why do they need a "face"?

Marketing for Neobanks: Why do they need a "face"?

Discover why neobanks need a human touch despite their digital nature and explore key marketing strategies to build trust and engagement in the fintech industry.

Hi, my name is Anastasia, and I am the founder of a digital marketing agency. We mainly specialize in working with web3, fintech, and neobanks.

Today, I want to share the specifics of marketing in neobanks. Let's consider the following aspects:

  1. Using Twitter and Discord.
  2. The role of brand media in neobank marketing.
  3. Promoting the company's founder.

Modern technology is changing the game's rules for banks, and now banks and neobanks are moving in different directions.

A bank as a fintech implements technologies at an astonishing speed. The more innovative you become, the more valuable your ability to create emotional connections with customers and develop an ecosystem within your bank is.

However, how do you properly establish relationships with clients when your business is exclusively online?

Turn your neobank into a media

Conduct interviews, run your journal, share information about internal processes, and create useful articles.

Branded media is a media product that is created in the name of your brand, with its structure, style, themes, and frequency.

Although there are not many successful brand media, the most popular is the «Tinkoff Journal.»

«The Journal» is the bank's official channel. We check all the facts and involve the bank's experts to work on the articles. For the bank, «The Journal» provides loyalty, new users, and user data for retargeting and helps shape ideology. It is essential to define a beneficial action for the edition. Ours is to help save money. Most companies don't need a «second Tinkoff Journal». It's enough to have a regular blog with stories about your work. It's a hundred times cheaper, faster, and easier.»

Not selling, but telling is the main rule. Address relevant issues close to your audience and make them understandable, talk about «the complex in simple terms». Then you will attract the attention of those who are not your direct clients.

Don't forget the company's social media

Here it's clear: every digital enthusiast should have Twitter and Discord, especially when it comes to crypto.

More than 450 million users use X (formerly Twitter) monthly, and Discord has more than 190 million active users.

Twitter is great for announcing your presence, and Discord is for effective community engagement. They can also be valuable for customer feedback, traffic generation, and SEO optimization.

A neobank should have a face

This face can be any member of the team, from the founder to the CEO. Customers need to see that real people are behind the brand, who are involved not only in business but also, for example, in morning exercises and walking the dog at lunch.

Therefore, active promotion of the brand's «face» through social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook plays an important role. This is also essential for attracting investors.

At Adelt, for example, we actively manage Twitter and LinkedIn for the founder of neobank Keytom.In 5 months, more than 4,000 people have followed us, we are promoting within these networks, doing collaborative posts, and planning to start paid promotion on our site. Isn't that cool?

In the end, for neobanks, choosing the right platforms for promotion is extremely important, strengthening trust and loyalty to the brand and its creators, and demonstrating their expertise. Remember that marketing in neobanks differs from traditional banks and is closer to fintech and crypto projects.

Good luck with your marketing!

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