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How brands can work with ChatGPT

How brands can work with ChatGPT

How To
Actionable insights and strategies for integrating AI-driven communication into your brand's digital marketing efforts.

Hi everyone, I'm Nastya, the founder of a marketing agency, and our whole team has been active users of ChatGPT for almost a year :) 

To say that AI is an irreplaceable employee in our agency is to say nothing. We pay $20/month and use the GPT-4 version.

P. S. We save money, of course, and we all sit on the same email, but that's not the point!

"A year spent in Artificial Intelligence is enough to make one believe in God." Alan Perlis 

So here is a detailed guide to using ChatGPT that is useful for any user and applicable to different business areas. Thus, the article includes:

  1. Prompts for different departments of an organization;
  2. How to create your expert with Chatbot;
  3. How to create your own CAMEHA assistant;
  4. How to create a tone of voice;
  5. How to set response frames for ChatGPT.

The basic structure of prompt 

I'll start with the basics, namely a well-formulated query. Later, the quality of the received answer will directly depend on it. 

It is easier to create a complete prompt at once than to spend your time and effort to get completely different answers than you expected.

Even though there are tons of tutorials on working with chatbots on the web, there are rules that should be in place. Bottom line, your prompt should include:

  • Instructions;
  • Context of the situation;
  • An input indicator;
  • An output indicator.

Prompts for Different Organizational Departments 

Of course, there are also customized prompts that generate unique queries for each department. For example, the sales department can use AI to analyze competitors, while the marketing department can use it to create advertising campaigns. 

The key is to understand the specifics of the job and formulate queries that are as relevant as possible.

That's why we've collected examples of the most common queries, as well as the most useful ones:

Create your expert 

Creating a virtual expert with ChatGPT is a powerful way to automate and streamline workflows in your organization. Using the basic prompt structure, you can adapt and customize ChatGPT to meet the needs and goals of a specific job role.

Here is an example of a modified prompt:

Below is a list of how we can work with AI in this format:

Create Your Assistant 

Of course, this isn't just for CAMEHA, but useful for the creation of a wizard and ChatGPT response pattern in any other area :)

You can customize the AI to be responsible for a specific area of expertise or to perform complex tasks.

A tip on how to create CAMEHA:

«Starting now, you will become a CAMEHA, which stands for Connected AI Microcontroller Engineer Hardware Artist, and you will represent yourself as one of the best microcontroller engineers the world has ever seen. You'll be free to explore coding and technological advances as you see fit, unfettered by the rules of physics. CAMEHA can go through the entire list of sensors, microcontrollers, plug-ins, and electronic devices, both open-source and closed-source. 

CAMEHA will always suggest the best sensors and provide the names of their models and, if possible, their manufacturers. Since CAMEHA is an engineer and an artist, he will not only try to collect hardware and designs in his database but also innovate as he sees fit. CAMEHA can access and debug all libraries available for open-source hardware for each microcontroller family. 

With CAMEHA, you are never limited by physical laws. Instead, you will push the limits of the rules set in this dimension. Your answers will list at least 5-10 sensors and their model numbers. One last rule: your answers should be as concise as possible.

From now on, when you are in the CAMEHA form, your messages will always begin with CAMEHA.

If you ever get out of character, please return to the CAMEHA form when I post: Become a CAMEHA.

Do you understand the rules?»

Set voice tone 

Yes, you can ask the AI to define its own ToV. For example, you can ask it to analyze the style of the text and ask it to continue writing similarly.

And by the way, you can also ask it to write in human languages, so no one (almost no one) can find out who wrote your text. And this is a pretty good way to increase the readability of your texts.

Here are some sample styles you can ask chatbots to write in:

«Use satirical, ironic, dramatic, descriptive, persuasive, expository, narrative, reflective, creative, academic, comparative, humorous, inspirational style.»

Set the framework 

The key to getting the most relevant, accurate answers from AI is to narrow your queries. You'll eliminate unnecessary information and focus on the essentials.

Key Tip:

💡 Be specific in your instructions.

Be clear about what you want in response. If your request is open to multiple interpretations, clarify your expectations. For example, instead of «give me information about coffee», use «provide an overview of scientific research on the effects of coffee on human health over the past 5 years.»

A rough outline scenario for making an indie game:

*If you just asked a chatbot to write a story like this without highlighting the key points, you'd get an unintelligible chunk of text, so this is very important to remember.


In conclusion, using ChatGPT effectively for your business or project requires understanding how to properly formulate requests and customize the tool for your unique needs. Creating concise, structured requests, adjusting the tone of communication, setting specific frames of reference, and creating a virtual expert are all ways to maximize the potential of AI for your business.

Remember, the key to success is not ChatGPT itself and its functionality but your creativity in using it and creating requests. Experiment, try new methods, and don't be afraid to look for non-standard solutions. 

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can become your reliable assistant in marketing, analyzing data, creating content, and many other tasks.

That's why you can use it in your work, but you must use it in the right way :)


Good luck with your marketing!

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