SMM strategy


Hrusteam is a famous and leading cracker brand in the CIS region, owned by Pepsico. After 16 years on the market they decided to сhange their brand positioning, strategy and design. Hrusteam launched the ultimate zoomers campaign with Slava Marlow. The key insight was the following idea: when you eat Hhrusteam, both hands are occupied, that is why it is time to slow down and enjoy the moment. We faced with the task of transferring and developing this idea on social networks, developing content that would reveal it.


We decided to turn Instagram “Hrusteam” into a full-fledged digital analogue of a pack of crackers. It absorbs you during the break and allows you to fully enjoy it. Therefore, we came up with a lot of entertaining content: how masks will be used, what gifs can be made, contests, sections for Reels, stories and posts. It turned out dynamic, bright and sticky.



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