SMM strategy & implementation


The children's brend “Malutka” has been on the market for over 40 years. "Malutka" is being produced by one of the world leading food company Danone. Since it has't been developing its social media segment throughout the years, we had to freshen it up in a way to showcase that Malutka has been time-tested and stands for its quality.


“Malutka’s” value is simplicity. That’s why we decided to have a visually clean and clear social media account. Our main goal was to build up a "Malutka’s" “mom community” with a platform where moms could share their experience with their children, share helpful podcasts, recipes, etc. This would build up a tie with the community and the brand. Our strategy was to give moms a feeling that through the “Malutka’s community” they will have bonding and loving relationships with their kids.



Partner CPA-branch released a YouTube show called “One click” about a former banker who managed to make a fortune through internet advertising.