Placetime is a geosocial app for businesses, companies and individuals. The main goal of the app is to gather like-minded people in one area and show on a map where businesses, companies and individuals are located. It's designed to help people to solve any tasks. Its main followers is currently in the UAE but the company wants to go international. For its successful expansion it needed some rebranding.


After conducting a market audit and identifying the unique advantages of Placetime, we came up with a minimalist visual solution. We developed a new version of the logo and made the rebranding as "soft" as possible. We decided to take the colour from the old branding as a basis but rework it in a new shade. We chose a symbol that reflects several meanings at once: a geotag, the letter P (for placetime) and an infinity sign. In this way, we managed to strengthen some of the old branding elements and at the same time added uniqueness.



Before our acquaintance with Wine Inn it was a small wine boutique chain. Wine inn didn't have a clear brand positioning which would differ them from their competitors.