Veemy is a technologically advanced and innovative NFT-consulting company.  It is a “newage” agency which consults and helps launch NFT projects. We were responsible for their branding and conceptual thought. It was important to hold the balance between Veemy’s creative and commercial side. Veemy where looking for a bright, creative, but also a bit of a conservative solution, which would associate the company with something advanced, unique and trustworthy.


We studied the concept of Veemy and browsed different stylistics of popular new companies on the European market in the NFT/crypto branch. Based on our research we managed to develop their naming and created a simple branding that stands out. Our main focus was the colours of Veemy visual design. We used visually trendy and catchy colours and got a great concise end result.



DataMobile is a modern app for business Automation systems. The app was developed by scanport’s team.